Sunday, March 04, 2018

Working in series

You often hear from various sources that you have to work in series if you want to get into an art gallery. Working in series is seen as means to seek consistency in your artwork.

Consistency in your work should help one achieve to tie a body of work together by being cohesive in terms of your style, subject matter, theme, palette, medium and presentation. A series is a set of work that is even more consistent, specifically in terms of subject matter and theme.

I've recently learned that creating work in a series can help provide a framework for talking about your work and applying for solo shows. It's easier to tell the story about what inspires and what the work represents to you,

Working in series can also help you decide what to paint next.

Here is an artist that I discovered recently. Her name is Pat Hall.
Pat Hall watercolour

Hope your winter is going well,

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