Sunday, March 23, 2014

Call to all Art Tutor Members for contributions

My title This website/blog is meant to be a collection of links and resources for Art Tutor members who have a particular interest in watercolours.

Art Tutor ( is an online community created by Bob and Phil Davies to provide an expanding library of professional video lessons covering a wide range of mediums and subjects, all from a panel of expert tutors.

Given the thousands of online videos available on an off YouTube, maintaining a list would be overwhelming. Hence for now, I don't plan on adding video links.

Since there seems to be an appetite for a reference blog (700 hits in five days) and definitely a need to go back and have access to information stored in Art Tutor’s archive of groups (DG’s document). Therefore I thought this blog could provide a snap shot of the most popular issues that we have discussed in our groups. Moreover, this site has features that make information easily retrievable.

Please use the comments section on the pages to send your contributions or email them to me at

Danielle (aka beaulieud )

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