Saturday, April 26, 2014

Signing your artwork

Signing a painting is a very rewarding as it signifies that we are sufficiently satisfied with our painting.  When demonstrating authorship of our work, it is important to consider placement and appearance within the compositions.

Here are three considerations when signing a painting:

 1) Placement:
  • You want to make it blend in with your art, not conflict.
  • We tend to expect to see signatures in the lower right hand corner.
  • If right hand corner is too busy, try the lower left hand corner.
2) Tonality:
  • When deciding on a hue and value for the signature, consider how much attention you want to bring to your signature
  • The greater the contrast with the painting, the signature might be intrusive
  • Select a hue or value that is commensurate with the tones of the painting.
  • Consider using a colour from the painting.

3) Style:
  • Sign in the same medium in which you created the painting
  • Make it easy to read
  • Keep the style consistent from painting to painting
  • Try not to make your signature too overbearing that it detracts from your work.
 Lastly, it is suggested that you date your paintings, either in the front or back.

Here is a painting from Chris Forsey
Danielle (aka beaulieud)

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