Saturday, July 26, 2014

New Products from Winsor & Newton

A few weeks ago I attended a demo of Winsor Newton products. At that session, they introduced us to two new products: watercolour markers and crayons

The markers come in 36 colours and can be used alongside your traditional water colours and mediums. Each marker has two tips, one fine point for details and the other chiseled like a marker we use on white boards for wide strokes. They are fairly easy to use. After colouring/painting with the marker, all you do is take your paint brush with water and blend to create the effects you want. Personally, I wasn’t drawn to this even if they were kinda cool.

I was more impressed with the watercolour sticks which look like kids square crayons and come in 48 colours. When applied directly on dry paper like a kids crayon, they produce nice strong colours. Similar to the marker, all you do is apply water to create effects that you want. These sticks are much better than watercolour pencils. I’d say they’d be great for beginner watercolourists. They would also be ideal for travelling and quick sketches.

When I got to see these new products, they were not available for commercial sale. It was expected that we’d have them in stores in Canada by the end of this month.

Still considering myself as a beginner with watercolours, I want to focus on having better control of the products that I have before trying something new. Maybe I’ll grab a few colour sticks in a few years to provide different options.  And you, will you be getting these new products?


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