Friday, August 22, 2014

Scam for artists - Artist's Network University

Like many of you, I started my watercolour adventure with Bob Davies' very extensive and comprehensive watercolor course as a series of 9 (count them, nine!) DVD's, each with hours of video demonstrations covering a vast array of techniques and subjects. I was so pleased to have these.  Bob is a very talented, and congenial artist and presents the material in a very friendly and practical manner.

Within a year of purchasing these DVDs, Bob launched “Art Tutor”. I joined this site on day 1 and have never regretted it.  We all know how a wonderful source of information this site represents.

Unfortunately, I was tempted by some of the courses offered by Artist’s Network University. This site claims to be online education program from the publishers of North Light Books and other leading fine art how-to brands housed under The Artist’s Network.

Recently I succumbed to one of these courses. I’ve always admired and follow the work of Joe Cibere. The course that was listed as “How to Paint 3-Dimensional Watercolors – taught by Joe Cibere” seemed interesting. So I signed up at the cost of $180 cdn for the four weeks which advertised that exclusive material would be provided. This is expensive but thought it would be interesting to pick up tips from this master.

It all went downhill from then. This is not an instructor led course as I was expecting and used to with Art Tutor. What students receive is a download of a 10 page document (which I already had from a previous online search) and a link to a youtube video (which I had already seen numerous times). Therefore, the advertisement of exclusive material is false. This is the entire material for this 4 week course at $180. Every week, students are expected to load  their efforts onto the site for comments. Does this seem like a scam to you? It does to me.

I've been trying to contact them to get a refund since the moment I saw the material for the course. I don't see why I would need to pay for material I already had and is available for free on the web.  Unfortunately, Artist’s Network University cannot be reached by phone as their lines are always busy and they have not replied to my daily emails for a refund.

Another plus for Art Tutor - their level of service is stupendous.

I'm posting this blog to inform others who may be tempted as I was by this “professional” looking website. Beware this is a way to scam you out of your money.

The grass is not greener on the on the other side of the fence!  Even if it is to satisfy my curiosity.

Thank you Art Tutor!


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