Saturday, March 19, 2016

Are you process or product oriented?

There are several ways to approach painting and neither is better than the other.  Some artists approach their paintings from a process perspective while others are more focused on the end product. In all likelihood, artists have a combination of both with one style being dominant.

How do you recognize each approach? Which is your dominant approach?

The process approach, focuses on creative aspect of making art. The point of these paintings or exercises is not in an end result, but in the experimenting and exploring that goes into the making art. During process approach, artists are not constrained by what something “should” look like; instead the focus is on exploring a medium, technique or idea. Here are some hints of those who use more of a process approach
  • ideas as starting point;
  • experimenting with colours and techniques with no purpose of creating a painting;
  • more than one attempt;
  • more global, focus on purpose and theme;
  • emphasis on creative process.
The product approach focuses on creating a specific finished painting. While the process is important, it tends to be more constrained by the end result. Here are some hints of those who use more of a product approach:
  • emphasis on end product;
  • controlled approach;
  • one attempt at a painting;
  • organisation of ideas is more important than ideas themselves;
  • imitate style or photo or other painting.
Today's artist find is Carrie Waller:
Carrie Waller watercolor
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