Saturday, June 11, 2016

Using Granulation Medium

A number of suppliers make a medium that increases the granulation of colour. This product will cause colours, which usually give smooth washes, to granulate to a greater or lesser degree depending on the pigment. Generally the modern pigments, prefixed by ‘Permanent' or ‘Winsor' will be most affected by the medium. For colours that are already known for being granulated, such as French Ultramarine, this product enhanced the granulating effect. This property can be very useful for some subjects including clouds, beaches, fog and more.

You can use the granulation medium in two ways:
  • you can add a few drops, instead of water, when you dilute your paint
  • you can add it directly to the paper before the paint.
For maximum effect or colours that are not responding well to a small portion of the medium, wet the desired area of paper with the medium and then make a washes using the medium instead of water. Apply it and leave to dry. All granulated washes dry flatter, if this occurs, as the wash dries keep disturbing it with a brush. This will prevent the wash just flowing into itself and levelling out.

Some colours such as yellows and oranges do not seem to granulate much with the granulating medium.

I have not found any warning related to using this product with your good sable brushes.

Granulation is also increased by the roughness of the paper and by the absorbency.

As with all techniques any new method needs practice. Unfortunately, as with all water colour washes it can never be guaranteed to get exactly the same results every time.

Today's artist find is Emily Read: 
Emily REad watercolour

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