Saturday, April 15, 2017

Trying out Moulin de Larroque paper

A few weeks ago I was in a different city and found a different brand of paper - Moulin de Larroque.

I purchased one extra large sheet and one regular sized sheet, both of them rough and 200lbs.  The regular sheet was to practice on before I start on the large sheet since I've already had one bad experience with a different brand of paper.

I've been painting on the regular sheet for the past week and here are my observations:
  • The sheets are very very white
  • The texture is uneven and highly irregular (see photo below). As a result,
    • the paint flows in very unpredictable directions and is difficult to control
    • it is not possible to have precise edges
    • it is not possible to draw straight lines
    • blooms would be difficult to create
    • produces different effects.
  • The outside are not parallel and the corners are rounded, hence the paper is not a perfect rectangle
  • The surface has great sizing as the paint does not immediately sink in. This makes it easier to paint wet in wet. To lift paint, it's easiest to wet the paper, and then lift gently with a paper towel
  • The surface is fragile. It does not take well to the scrubbing brush.  The surface is easily damaged. The thin rolls of paper break with little pressure.
  • The paper also does not handle Pebeo or W&N masking fluid. It tears the thin sheets of paper.

This week's artist find is Sandra Busby. She paints gorgeous still life paintings but you'll find some humour in some of her paintings.
Sandra Busby watercolour
Have a great week,

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