Saturday, May 13, 2017

Chagall Exhibit in Montreal

A week ago I had the pleasure of seeing the Chagall exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  This was a large exhibit that highlighted the importance of music in the artist's work.  There are about 340 works on display, including paintings, sketches, costumes, sculpture, ceramics, lithographs and stained glass. The exhibit is unique as it has on loan works from other museums, private collectors and from the artist's family.

It was fascinating to see the many medias he worked in and how his background influenced his art.  It was not only interesting, but moving to hear his story.

The Jewish artist was born near Vitebsk, in what is now Belarus, in 1887 and lived to almost 100. He made art in a variety of media for eight decades, working around the globe and living in several countries, including France and the United States.  Chagall had a unique style that was influenced by cubism, fauvism and surrealism with Jewish folk art.

The highlight was seeing the 40 costumes he designed for ballet and opera. These were truly inspiring and beautiful.  The stained-glass windows he created for the Metz Cathedral in France were also worth seeing. 

Although I have respect for the art and its unconventional use of luminous colours, most of it was not aligned to my personal taste.  However, the art piece I do like is the painting on the ceiling of the Opéra de Paris which I have seen a couple of times.
Chagall Mtl exhibit

This week's artist find is Nina Petrovskaya.
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