Saturday, August 22, 2015

Fear of posting on social media

How many times have you heard that you should get on Facebook, get on Twitter, and create a presence to promote your art. Do hearing things like this cause you to be anxious? What if you say the wrong thing? What if you get negative feedback? What if nobody follows you? Despite these fears, what might seem like a major risk — or a time-waster, at best — is actually an invaluable tool for developing a following for your art.
Here are a few tips if you want to explore social media:
  • Focus on socializing instead of selling;
  • Think quality over quantity and focus on your goals;
  • Be authentic and do not go into automation. Staying authentic is key;
  • Respond and listen to your audience.
Some artists are concerned that their art, during the process of seeking greater exposure on social media, will be copied (theft of intellectual property). Consequently, many artists consider watermarking their artwork before sharing it online. However, inserting a watermark is a pretty poor way to deal with the problem.
The watermark might actually decrease the appeal of sharing. An important benefit of posting your art online is the increased exposure your work gets when it is shared. Viewers are less likely to share artwork that is watermarked because it loses much of its appeal.
Let's get real, the likelihood of theft is pretty low - but it does happen. There is an overwhelming amount of art online. And many of it is extremely good. Is your art likely to be copy?  In addition, the images you share online are pretty low resolution. These images would result in poor reproductions.
In today’s world, a watermark will not prevent someone from stealing your image if they wish to. Sad but true….

If you are considering posting your art on social media, what concerns do you have?
Linda 3 from ArtTutor, recommended that I present Michael (the Gorilla) as a featured artist this week.

Gorilla art
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