Saturday, June 17, 2017

Supportive family member

Many of us have a partner who supports our artistic activities. Recently I read an article that provided advice to those who are close to artists. Here is a quick overview of the tips they had for our supporters:
  • accept and do not attempt to change the artist even if there is an appearance of non-conformism;
  • respect the way the artist works which may include the need for solitude or odd hours dedicated to painting;
  • attempt to understand the artist's goal even if they may appear non-conventional;
  • when times get difficult, continue believing in the artist;
  • make any contribution that you can such as keeping inventories, assist with finances, set up at art fairs, help with the resume, etc.;
  • never stop telling the artist that you continue to believe in their art, especially through difficult times;
  • be present at show openings.
I hope that you are as lucky as I am and have someone who constantly shows their support.

Today's artist find is Chan Dissanayake
Chan Dissanayake watercolour
Have a great week,

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