Saturday, June 10, 2017

What is a colourist

When an artist claims they are a colourist, what do they actually mean. I know some local artists who claim they are colourist. How does one know if they are a colorist or not? As an art admirer, how does one determine if they are looking at an artist who is a "colourist?"

Many believe that a colourist is one who is more concerned with the play with colour and who will exaggerate a colour, or use an unexpected colour rather than the colour that is really there.  Colourists also seem to have an aversion to greyed colors. They'd rather play with pure colours and insinuate gray, than "dull" down a passage with grays.

Others believe that a "colourist" depends on the impact of colour and is less interested in 3D form as achieved through light and tone.

Today's artist find id Marc Folly
Marc Folley watercolour

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