Friday, July 14, 2017

To gouache or not to gouache

Some watercolourist are purist and would never use gouache as it is not considered a transparent medium.

Other watercolourists will use gouache on occasion and depending on the desired effect.  The most common colour of gouache to used on watercolours is white for key accent areas or special effects or to create contrasts.  One advantage is that adding gouache for accents avoids the cut-out effect often seen with masking fluid.

When used in large quantities on a painting, gouache gives a completely different feel to the painting as there are some areas that would appear muted or give off a different atmosphere.   I've heard one artist recommend that if you are to use it on a significant portion of a painting that you ensure consistency through the painting which could mean using gouache in a couple areas to balance things off.  Some others add watercolours on top of the gouache.

The opportunities are endless, the artist is free to experiment.

One key consideration is any potential plan to enter a painting in a competition. Ensure that you are aware of the rules on the use of non-transparent paint like gouache.

Today's artist find is Luybov Titova.
luybov watercolour

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