Saturday, August 26, 2017

Setting up workspace

It's important to have a practical set up for your  painting experience.

Some people don't have much space and cannot have a permanent studio. These artists need to scale things down.  Luckily watercolours can be set up their supplies and put them away quickly in a bag or box.

Typically, you would set up your palette and water on the same side as your painting hand to avoid unnecessary splatters on your painting. The paint brushes you plan to use are normally on the same side.  Have your palette, water and brushes all together and as close to you as possible to avoid reaching while painting.  Here is a typical layout.
The tissues or paper towels are best left on the opposite side since you'll likely be holding them in the opposite hand from your brush.

All of this may seem natural, however, I have seen a few pictures and videos recently with the opposite set up and the watercolorist seemed to move awkwardly, struggle and was not efficient.  So maybe setting up your workspace is not obvious to all.

In addition when setting up, you might want to try not to sit too closely facing a window.  Ideally, if the light comes from the direction opposite of your painting  hand, you will have less shadows when painting.

Today's artist find is Liza Legina.
Liza Legina Watercolour

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