Saturday, August 12, 2017

Does gender biais exist in art?

Do women artists get as much exposure as men artists?

A 2011 survey investigated New York museums and found just four percent of the artists in the Metropolitan Museum's contemporary section were female. MOMA and the Guggenheim fared somewhat better, with 26 and 23 percent respectively.  In addition, the National Museum of Women in the Arts estimates that five percent of art currently on display in US museums was made by women.   I don't have statistics for Canada but suspect, the situation is not very different.

I've heard that some women don't even sign their full names on their paintings in order not to give away their gender.  Some only put their first initial while others only sign the back of their paintings. 

I get the impression that women gravitate disproportionately toward paper media (watercolour, pastels, ink) as compared to men. If exposure is any indication, these paper media have less prestige and lower prices as than do oil paintings.

In looking at the board of directors and faculty members of our local art school, I'm pleased to say that women are very well represented.

Why is it that some people have greater overall respect and admiration for men artist than for women artist?  I have a lot of difficulties understand why gender discrimination exists in the art domain or other domains.  

What can we do to change the gender balance?

Today's artist find is Alessandro Anastasio
Alessandro Anastasio watercolour
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