Saturday, October 07, 2017

Art in Tuscany

I'm just finishing a vacation in Tuscany and was impressed how pervasive art is. Tuscan art and culture are inseparable and is a model for many countries for years to come and for this area of Italy.

Art is preserved in historical artifacts and buildings from the etruscan, roman, medieval, renaissance times. Art is part of what attracts visitors, from around the world, year-round to this area. Paintings and sculptures by Michelangelo, one of the greatest Tuscan famous artists are found in key areas.

Obviously art is found in some of the greatest museums such as the Uffizi in Florence, however it is also found in the buildings’ architecture and sculptures. Art is intertwined with the beautification of buildings, public areas and homes. In addition there are numerous public art displays and art galleries.

You don’t need to visit large cities to see some great art. Frescos are painted into the plasterwork of the numerous churches, palaces, chapels and cathedrals in every town and there are many wonderful works carved in stone.

Although there is much historical art in Tuscany, the medieval villages and rolling hills of Tuscany will continue to inspire artists for years to come. I appreciated seeing and meeting a high number of Tuscan watercolorists during this vacation.

Today's artist find is Elizabeth Cochrane
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