Saturday, November 04, 2017

Tips for Creating Intense Colors and Strong Values

I have been busier than normal lately with a number of exhibits and a longer term project that I'm working on. Hence, I'm reducing the frequency of this blog.

Watercolours have a reputation for being light and sometimes dull. What can one do to create more vibrant watercolours? It may considered a challenge with watercolours to create more intense colors and a full range of values, but it shouldn't be. Here are a few tips:

1. Adoption of artist-grade watercolours.

Use artist grade watercolours because they have more pigment which means more concentrated colour on the paper, hence more intensity.

2. Use less water in washes

Since watercolour has a unique problem of drying between 50% - 70% lighter than it looks when it’s wet, it’s important not to start off with too much of a watery wash. So it may help to simply mix a wash that’s twice as dark as you want, then test it on a scrap of watercolor paper first.

3. Application of glazes

Sometimes you may be cautious with your washes. When the paint is dry and looks too light and you want more intensity, add additional glazes to the dry surface. Repeat until you get the intensity that you want to have.  This also helps in maintaining light.

4. Application of grisaille

Today's artist find is Catherine Rey
Catherine Rey watercolours
Happy painting

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