Saturday, December 09, 2017

Simplicity of Watercolours

A couple of weeks ago a attended a Golden product demo. Most of the two hours were spent on acrylics and other products.

As a watercolourist, there are very few products to learn about. We have our paint, water, masking fluid and a few mediums rarely used.

For acrylic painters there are different types of paint, some are thin (high flow) while others are very thick (heavy body) and then there are those in the middle (fluid). There are also a number of different gels, mediums, pastes or additives depending on which thickness of paint you use.  My head was spinning hearing about more than 20 different products.

I have no intention of picking up acrylics, but it appears that anybody wanting to learn on their own would have to do a lot more research than is required for watercolours.

After the demo, I was extremely grateful for the simplicity of watercolour products.

The person giving the demo, spoke to us about the modern and old colours and some of their properties.  The following link might be of use if you'd like to learn more about this topic:

Today's artist find is
Rukiye Garip
Rukiye Garip watercolour
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